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Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products protecting a website.

HostWAF detected

Nmap scan options

How many packets
Release DateTitleTypePlatformAuthor
2020-09-16"Piwigo 2.10.1 - Cross Site Scripting"webappsphpIridium
2020-09-16"Windows TCPIP Finger Command - C2 Channel and Bypassing Security Software"localwindowshyp3rlinx
2020-09-15"Tailor MS 1.0 - Reflected Cross-Site Scripting"webappsphpboku
2020-09-15"ThinkAdmin 6 - Arbitrarily File Read"webappsphpHzllaga
2020-09-14"RAD SecFlow-1v SF_0290_2.3.01.26 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting"webappshardware"Jonatan Schor"
2020-09-14"Rapid7 Nexpose Installer 6.6.39 - 'nexposeengine' Unquoted Service Path"localwindowsLiquidWorm
2020-09-14"RAD SecFlow-1v SF_0290_2.3.01.26 - Cross-Site Request Forgery (Reboot)"webappshardware"Jonatan Schor"
2020-09-14"Pearson Vue VTS 2.3.1911 Installer - 'VUEApplicationWrapper' Unquoted Service Path"localwindowsJok3r
2020-09-14"Joomla! paGO Commerce - SQL Injection (Authenticated)"webappsphp"Mehmet Kelepçe"
2020-09-11"Tea LaTex 1.0 - Remote Code Execution (Unauthenticated)"webappsmultiplenepska
2020-09-11"Internet Explorer 11 - Use-After-Free"localwindows"Simon Zuckerbraun"
2020-09-11"Gnome Fonts Viewer 3.34.0 - Heap Corruption"locallinux"Cody Winkler"
2020-09-11"VTENEXT 19 CE - Remote Code Execution"webappsmultiple"Marco Ruela"
2020-09-10"ZTE Router F602W - Captcha Bypass"webappshardware"Hritik Vijay"
2020-09-10"Tiandy IPC and NVR 9.12.7 - Credential Disclosure"webappshardwarezb3
2020-09-10"CuteNews 2.1.2 - Remote Code Execution"webappsphp"Musyoka Ian"
2020-09-09"Scopia XT Desktop 8.3.915.4 - Cross-Site Request Forgery (change admin password)"webappsjavaV1n1v131r4
2020-09-09"Input Director 1.4.3 - 'Input Director' Unquoted Service Path"localwindows"TOUHAMI Kasbaoui"
2020-09-09"Audio Playback Recorder 3.2.2 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)"localwindows"Felipe Winsnes"
2020-09-09"Tailor Management System - 'id' SQL Injection"webappsphpMosaaed
2020-09-08"ShareMouse 5.0.43 - 'ShareMouse Service' Unquoted Service Path"localwindowsalacerda
2020-09-07"ManageEngine Applications Manager 14700 - Remote Code Execution (Authenticated)"webappsjavaHodorsec
2020-09-07"grocy 2.7.1 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting"webappsphp"Mufaddal Masalawala"
2020-09-07"Cabot 0.11.12 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting"webappsmultiple"Abhiram V"
2020-09-04"Nord VPN- - 'nordvpn-service' Unquoted Service Path"localwindowschipo
2020-09-03"BloodX CMS 1.0 - Authentication Bypass"webappsphpBKpatron
2020-09-03"Savsoft Quiz Enterprise Version 5.5 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting"webappsphp"Hemant Patidar"
2020-09-03"Daily Tracker System 1.0 - Authentication Bypass"webappsphp"Adeeb Shah"
2020-09-03"BarracudaDrive v6.5 - Insecure Folder Permissions"localwindowsboku
2020-09-03"SiteMagic CMS 4.4.2 - Arbitrary File Upload (Authenticated)"webappsphpV1n1v131r4
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DNS records to SSL Trustchecker

Tools for system administrator

Reconnaissance tools freely hosted online

Cms detection to information gathering

CMS Detection and Exploitation suite

CMS Detection and Exploitation suite - Scan WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 150 other CMSs

Offensive features

  • Admin page finder
  • User Enumeration
  • Core vulnerability detection
  • Modular bruteforce system
  • Advanced Joomla Scans
  • Advanced Wordpress Scans
  • Drupal version detection
  • Basic CMS Detection of over 155 CMS

Raccoon tool

Offensive Security Tool for Reconnaissance and Information Gathering

Offensive features

  • DNS details
  • DNS visual mapping using DNS dumpster
  • WHOIS information
  • TLS Data - supported ciphers
  • Port Scan
  • Subdomain enumeration
  • Web application data retrieval
  • Detects known WAFs


WhatWeb recognises web technologies including content management systems (CMS).

Offensive features

  • Over 1800 plugins
  • Control the trade off between speed/stealth and reliability
  • Performance tuning. Control how many websites to scan concurrently.
  • Proxy support including TOR
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • Basic HTTP authentication
  • Control over webpage redirection

Exploit searching and discovery

Searching for exploits has been made easy.