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What's new in ubuntu 19.04
What's new in ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things. What’s new in Ubuntu 19.04?

Being the leading linux distribution in desktop, ubuntu has involved i remember way back starting to use ubuntu 9.04

ubuntu slowly kept growing and making improvement and changing between Gnome and Unity and finally a decision to drop unity in favor of Gnome.

Gnome know has  large support of linux distribution using it making it the largest open-source desktop environment there is.


So What's new in Ubuntu 19.04

Let me just say everything. Ubuntu is credited for bringing the lastest software packages to it's user base ranging from servers to desktop all have latest softwares that are far reaching. And really who does not want latest thing.
In quick summary here is what to expected from ubuntu 19.04

  • Latest Linux kernel versions 5.0
  • Latest version of openstack code named (Stein)

That's just a mention of it, but there is a backlog of more new features that's you should expect from ubuntu 19.04

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04

Before you think of upgrading to the latest ubuntu, Please ensure that you have backed up everything, so in case of failure(which can happen any at time) you have a clean backup of everything.

  1. Backup everything     

  2. Launch the Software Updater                               

  3. Check for updates Update Manager will open a window to inform you that your computer is up to date. Click on the Settings button to open the main user-interface

  4. Install the upgrade Select the Upgrade button to start the initialisation process. A few moments later you'll be asked Do you want to start the upgrade? Press Start Upgrade to pass the point of no return and start the upgrade process.  After the new packages are installed, you may be asked whether you want to remove any obsolete packages. These are packages that were installed on your previous version of Ubuntu but are no longer required by the new one. You can safely select Remove When you reach this last part, restart and enjoy you new ubuntu 19.04                                                                                             

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