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Exploit Writing and development tools and resources (books, tutorials, courses, tools and vulnerable applications) for learning about Exploit Development

Exploit development has increased in recent years and so are exploit Writing and development tools and  resources like;

  • books,
  • tutorials,
  • courses,
  • tools and
  • vulnerable applications)

all for learning about Exploit Development. Exploit DB has a compilation of exploits being written and tested and finally approved to be public only after the affected products have fix the vunerable part being exploited. It's only in the darkweb that exploits are being sold when the vendor has not yet fully patched it.


  • Hacking - The art of exploitation

  • A bug Hunter's Diary: A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Software Security

  • The Shellcoder's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes

  • Sockets, shellcode, Porting, and coding: reverse engineering Exploits and Tool coding for security professionals

  • Writing Security tools and Exploits

  • Buffer overflow attacks: Detect, exploit, Prevent

  • Metasploit toolkit for Penetration Testing, exploit Development, and vulnerability research


  • IDA Pro

  • OllyDbg

  • WinDbg

  • Mona.py


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