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Firefox Lite — Fast and Lightweight Web Browser

Firefox Lite — Fast and Lightweight Web Browser is a new mobile browser designed to be fast and yes it's really fast.

Firefox Lite is a lightning fast and lightweight web browser. With only 7MB in APK size, and Turbo Mode to speed you up, Firefox Lite brings you a blazing fast online experience. Our new, powerfully intuitive Awesome Bar makes searching faster and easier than ever. Plus, now you can customize your home screen with your choice of themes and pin your preferred sites for quick access

How Get started with Firefox Lite

Firefox Lite is a light but feature-packed browser that lets you save data and phone storage, capture and share content, and browse quickly even on slow connections. Keep reading to learn more

How to Download Firefox Lite

Depending on your current region or location for example if you're in China, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, or Thailand, Firefox Lite is available to you! Search for Firefox Lite in your Play store and follow the prompts to install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Features of Firefox Lite

  • Add Shortcuts to your screen. You can get to your favorite websites faster by adding them as shortcuts to your home screen
  • Bookmark your pages. Bookmark your favorite pages to visit later
  • Multi-task with Multi-tabs.
  • Turbo Mode. Speed up your browsing by blocking third-party content (like ads) using Firefox Lite Turbo Mode or block images and display text only.
  • Private browsing. Browse without saving history, cookies, passwords, site preferences, or temporary Internet files
  • Save data and speed up browing. Want a clean, image-free page so you can focus on the text? Firefox Lite lets you block images so you can save data and browse faster.
  • Clear your cache/Free up phone space
  • Capture web pages with screenshots.

Firefox lite for mobile is a break through for mobile browsing.


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