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"Apache Httpd mod_proxy - Error Page Cross-Site Scripting"


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"Sebastian Neef"


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Release date

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The trick is to use a vertical tab (`%09`) and then place another URL in the tag. So once a victim clicks the link on the error page, she will go somewhere else.

As you can see, the browser changes the destination from relative / to an absolute url The exploit is `http://domain.tld/%09//otherdomain.tld`

Here's the httpd configuration to reproduce the behavior:

    <Location />
        ProxyPass connectiontimeout=1 timeout=2
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
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2020-01-01"nostromo 1.9.6 - Remote Code Execution"remotemultipleKr0ff
Release DateTitleTypePlatformAuthor
2019-10-14"Apache Httpd mod_proxy - Error Page Cross-Site Scripting"webappsmultiple"Sebastian Neef"
2019-10-14"Apache Httpd mod_rewrite - Open Redirects"webappsmultiple"Sebastian Neef"
2019-10-14"WordPress Core < 5.2.3 - Viewing Unauthenticated/Password/Private Posts"webappsmultiple"Sebastian Neef"
import requests
response = requests.get('')

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Cipherscan. A very simple way to find out which SSL ciphersuites are supported by a target.

Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products protecting a website.

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