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"WeChat - Memory Corruption in CAudioJBM::InputAudioFrameToJBM"


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"Google Security Research"


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There is a memory corruption vulnerability in audio processing during a voice call in WeChat. When an RTP packet is processed, there is a call to UnpacketRTP. This function decrements the length of the packet by 12 without checking that the packet has at least 12 bytes in it. This leads to a negative packet length. Then, CAudioJBM::InputAudioFrameToJBM will check that the packet size is smaller than the size of a buffer before calling memcpy, but this check (n < 300) does not consider that the packet length could be negative due to the previous error. This leads to an out-of-bounds copy.

To reproduce the bug:

1) install and run frida on the caller Android device and a desktop host (
2) copy the filed in the attached directory to /data/local/tmp/packs/, so that /data/local/tmp/packs/opack0 exists
3) run "setenforce 0" on the caller device
4) extract and replay.js into the same directory on a desktop host and run:


Wait for the word "READY" to display.

If you don't know your device name, you can list device names by running:


5) start a voice call and answer it on the target device. A crash will occur in about 10 seconds.

A crash log is attached.

Proof of Concept:
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2019-10-10"Windows Kernel - Out-of-Bounds Read in CI!CipFixImageType While Parsing Malformed PE File"doswindows"Google Security Research"
2019-10-10"Windows Kernel - Out-of-Bounds Read in CI!HashKComputeFirstPageHash While Parsing Malformed PE File"doswindows"Google Security Research"
2019-10-10"Windows Kernel - win32k.sys TTF Font Processing Pool Corruption in win32k!ulClearTypeFilter"doswindows"Google Security Research"
2019-10-10"Windows Kernel - Out-of-Bounds Read in nt!MiParseImageLoadConfig While Parsing Malformed PE File"doswindows"Google Security Research"
2019-10-10"Windows Kernel - Out-of-Bounds Read in nt!MiRelocateImage While Parsing Malformed PE File"doswindows"Google Security Research"
2019-10-09"XNU - Remote Double-Free via Data Race in IPComp Input Path"dosmacos"Google Security Research"
2019-10-04"Android - Binder Driver Use-After-Free"localandroid"Google Security Research"
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response = requests.get('')

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