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"ASUS AXSP 1.02.00 - 'asComSvc' Unquoted Service Path"


Exploit author

"Roberto Piña"


Exploit platform


Release date

Exploit published date


Release DateTitleTypePlatformAuthor
2020-07-02"WhatsApp Remote Code Execution - Paper"webappsandroid"ashu Jaiswal"
2020-07-02"ZenTao Pro 8.8.2 - Command Injection"webappsphp"Daniel Monzón"
2020-07-02"OCS Inventory NG 2.7 - Remote Code Execution"webappsmultipleAskar
2020-07-01"Online Shopping Portal 3.1 - Authentication Bypass"webappsphp"Ümit Yalçın"
2020-07-01"e-learning Php Script 0.1.0 - 'search' SQL Injection"webappsphpKeopssGroup0day_Inc
2020-07-01"PHP-Fusion 9.03.60 - PHP Object Injection"webappsphpcoiffeur
2020-07-01"RM Downloader 2.50.60 2006.06.23 - 'Load' Local Buffer Overflow (EggHunter) (SEH) (PoC)"localwindows"Paras Bhatia"
2020-06-30"Reside Property Management 3.0 - 'profile' SQL Injection"webappsphp"Behzad Khalifeh"
2020-06-30"Victor CMS 1.0 - 'user_firstname' Persistent Cross-Site Scripting"webappsphp"Anushree Priyadarshini"
2020-06-26"Windscribe 1.83 - 'WindscribeService' Unquoted Service Path"localwindows"Ethan Seow"
import requests
response = requests.get('')

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Cipherscan. A very simple way to find out which SSL ciphersuites are supported by a target.

Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products protecting a website.