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"WhatsApp Remote Code Execution - Paper"


Exploit author

"ashu Jaiswal"


Exploit platform


Release date

Exploit published date


Release Date Title Type Platform Author
2020-11-20 "Free MP3 CD Ripper 2.8 - Multiple File Buffer Overflow (Metasploit)" local windows ZwX
2020-11-20 "Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 27.60 - Remote Code Execution (SEH)" local windows "Vincent Wolterman"
2020-11-20 "Boxoft Convert Master 1.3.0 - 'wav' SEH Local Exploit" local windows stresser
2020-11-20 "WonderCMS 3.1.3 - 'content' Persistent Cross-Site Scripting" webapps php "Hemant Patidar"
2020-11-20 "IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Command Line Administrative Interface - id' Field Stack Based Buffer Overflow" local windows "Paolo Stagno"
2020-11-19 "Internet Download Manager 6.38.12 - Scheduler Downloads Scheduler Buffer Overflow (PoC)" dos windows "Vincent Wolterman"
2020-11-19 "M/Monit 3.7.4 - Privilege Escalation" webapps multiple "Dolev Farhi"
2020-11-19 "Genexis Platinum 4410 Router 2.1 - UPnP Credential Exposure" remote hardware "Nitesh Surana"
2020-11-19 "PESCMS TEAM 2.3.2 - Multiple Reflected XSS" webapps multiple icekam
2020-11-19 "M/Monit 3.7.4 - Password Disclosure" webapps multiple "Dolev Farhi"
Release Date Title Type Platform Author
2020-07-02 "WhatsApp Remote Code Execution - Paper" webapps android "ashu Jaiswal"
2020-02-24 "Android Binder - Use-After-Free (Metasploit)" local android Metasploit
2020-01-14 "WeChat - Memory Corruption in CAudioJBM::InputAudioFrameToJBM" dos android "Google Security Research"
2020-01-14 "Android - ashmem Readonly Bypasses via remap_file_pages() and ASHMEM_UNPIN" dos android "Google Security Research"
2019-11-08 "Android Janus - APK Signature Bypass (Metasploit)" local android Metasploit
2019-10-16 "Whatsapp 2.19.216 - Remote Code Execution" remote android "Valerio Brussani"
2019-10-04 "Android - Binder Driver Use-After-Free" local android "Google Security Research"
2019-08-30 "Canon PRINT 2.5.5 - Information Disclosure" local android 0x48piraj
2019-07-24 "Android 7 < 9 - Remote Code Execution" remote android "Marcin Kozlowski"
2019-07-15 "Android 7 - 9 VideoPlayer - 'ihevcd_parse_pps' Out-of-Bounds Write" dos android "Marcin Kozlowski"
Release Date Title Type Platform Author
2020-07-02 "WhatsApp Remote Code Execution - Paper" webapps android "ashu Jaiswal"
import requests
response = requests.get('')

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