Raccoon Tool Reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning online

An advanced tool for reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning

Host Subdomain Ip ASN

Host IP ASN Waf Detected

Whois Key Whois Value

Reconnaissance Raccoon features

  • Track your subdomains DNS details
  • Track your subdomains DNS visual mapping using DNS dumpster
  • Track your subdomains Subdomain enumeration
  • Track your subdomains Web application data retrieval
  • Track your subdomains Detects known WAFs
  • Track your subdomains Supports anonymous routing through Tor/Proxies
  • Track your subdomains Uses asyncio for improved performance

About Raccoon Tool

Raccoon is a tool made for reconnaissance and information gathering with an emphasis on simplicity. It will do everything from fetching DNS records, retrieving WHOIS information, obtaining TLS data, detecting WAF presence and up to threaded dir busting and subdomain enumeration. Every scan outputs to a corresponding file

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