Fetch all the URLs that the Wayback Machine knows about for a domain

Find archived URLs from the Wayback Machine for domain

Domain Year Wayback url
Waybackurl options


  • Find URLs from a specific year Find URLs from a specific year.
  • Find all urls archived Find all urls archived.
  • Fast and simple to use Fast and simple to use.
  • Searches by IP Searches by IP.
  • Searches by IP Dynamically select a year.


Waybackurl is a very simple OSINT and bug bounty tool used to fetch known URLs from the Wayback Machine for.

Inhouse tool

This waybackurl tool is built for us internal use.

Re-written in python

To fit out needs we have written the tool in python.

Wayback Machine

See archived versions of web pages across time. This can help bugbounty hunters, see how a website looked like in the previous years. Dynamically select a year and wait for links to the select page and extra details.

669 billion web pages

Explore more than 669 billion web pages saved over time. Regularly wayback machine keeps collecting and taking snap shots of how the websites looks/looked like. Now more than 669 billion+ web pages are available.

Browse History

Like the name suggests wayback, move back in history, travel back in time and see how a website looked like, you can perhaps find other hidden bugs/vulnerability not discovered/fixed in the time selected.