Bing ip address search. Find websites hosted using single IP

Find virtualhosts using a unique feature provided by only bing

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  • Detects content management systems Smart scraping behaviour to maximize hostname discovery
  • Detects eCommerce platforms Bing API key not required
  • Detects web servers Search through pagination.
  • Detects JavaScript frameworks Searches by IP
  • Detects analytics tools Relatively fast


Bing-ip2hosts is a web scraper that discovers hostnames by IP address. Bing is the flagship Microsoft search engine formerly known as MSN Search and Live Search.


This search engine provides a feature unique to search engines - it allows searching by IP address. To try this, go to and search for IP:your-ip-here. It should show you results from If it shows empty results, then add a single dot.

Smart Searching

Unlike other Bing web scrapers that stop after scraping 10 result pages, bing-ip2hosts can scrape thousands of results. It continues scraping search result pages until it no longer finds new results. It can be used to discover subdomains and other related domains.

Why use it

If you want to find websites being hosted on a single ip address. For example many websites run behind cloudflare but using a single ipaddress, this tool enumerates hostnames from bing for an IP address, this happens to be a feature unique with being alone.

Online Subdomain finder management dashboard

Virtual webhosting.

Many websites are hosted into a single server with one ip, this could be Subdomains. Other services like cloudflare use a single ip to host many websites using it.

Features of Bing2Iphost
  • Maximize hostname discovery.

  • Instant results.

  • Find subdomains.

  • Find hostnames by IP address

  • Search by hostname or IP address.

  • No API Required.